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Sunday saw leading Revenge actress Emily VanCamp, 32, and her co-. +11 . Emily began dating her co-star Josh Bowman whilst filming the.
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By Annita Katee For Dailymail. And Sunday saw leading actress Emily VanCamp, 32, and her co-stars have their own reunion. Marking just over three years since the final episode was aired, the actors got together to catch up and enjoy a pool day. Sunday saw leading Revenge actress Emily VanCamp, 32, and her co-stars have their own reunion.

The many social posts revealed that Emily was joined by L-R: I love these people revenge,' shared actress turned blogger Ashley. It's been too long! And she wasn't the only one to share the love with Gabriel posting three pictures from the pool day. Reminiscing on old times: The cast worked together for four years between on the set of Revenge.

Emily later shared the same shot on her Instagram Stories and revealed that the tech savvy character gave the 'best hugs'. Allen who played Charlotte Grayson were not at the reunion. The series followed Emily who seeks revenge on the Grayson family after they framed her father of a crime that saw him imprisoned for life and killed whilst locked up Pictured characters: Victoria and husband Conrad Grayson played by Henry Czerny. And it appeared as though fans of the stars were overjoyed with the photos.

Can we please have a revenge reunion movie. Miss this show so much It was the best,' wrote one, with another commenting: So happy you all kept in touch'. The series followed Emily who seeks revenge on the Grayson family after they framed her father of a crime that saw him imprisoned for life and killed whilst locked up. In particular, Emily's character seeks revenge of matriarch Victoria Grayson pictured - having learned that she loved her father and betrayed him. Having lived next door as a child at the time, she returns to the home with a new identity to take down every individual who played a role in her father's imprisonment and death.

In particular, Emily's character is after matriarch Victoria Grayson - having learned that she loved her father and betrayed him. Emily began dating her co-star Josh Bowman whilst filming the drama show. Emily began dating her co-star Josh Bowman whilst filming the drama show and got engaged in May The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Much-loved hippy Pete 'The Feet' who went barefoot for Could Brexit date be put back to ? Rapist, 24, traumatised young girl so badly she carved Comments 16 Share what you think.

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Because Conrad's opponent in the gubernatorial race, Mark Stoddard, got his first public office job that same year, he incorrectly assumes it to be some kind of poor prank by him. Victoria later receives a bunch of black roses, one of which has had its bud cut off, and a note saying he her son will wear it at the party. Upon seeing a masked man wearing the rosebud at the party, Victoria tries to follow him but loses him in the crowd and then faints, apparently from shock the man is implied to be an actor hired by Emily.

In the end of the episode, Emily apparently tails Victoria to the church where she left her first-born son decades earlier. After Victoria leaves, Emily approaches the nun she spoke to and asks for help, claiming to be pregnant. In the end of " Truth, Part 2 ", Emily intervenes as Jack is about to shoot and kill Conrad and reveals herself to be Amanda Clarke, ending the season with a cliffhanger. In " Fear ", Emily went to jail to pick up Nolan "returning" him the favor.

She went to The Stowaway to see Jack but she found Ashley who blackmailed her by revealing she knew her true feelings about Jack. She decided that it was time to take her down.

Is Emily VanCamp Marrying Her Former Co-Star Josh Bowman This Year?

Conrad is rushed to Suffolk Memorial Hospital and diagnosed with Huntingtons disease, the diagnosis is mysteriously revealed to the press and Emily points out that Ashley was quiet cozy with Conrad's doctor Jorge Valez and maybe she sold the story to the press. Nolan and Emily celebrate Ashley's takedown on the beach and Emily reveals that August 8th is to be her wedding day, the day the Grayson's go down once and for all.

She showed him her new target, Father Paul Whitley, the one who convinced everybody to stand against David Clarke. She discovered that he had change but continued wanting to take him down. Just when it was too late she regret it and tried to stop tfit but she couldn't. She told Nolan that she will try to fix it because Father Paul is the only who could make Conrad confess everything.

She continued poisoning Conrad, and starts losing Charlotte for revealing Victoria's "affair" last episode. Daniel began to ask her questions about Nolan's house and Aiden, Emily begin to get closer to Conrad and began supporting him to get him ready for Father Paul. At the end of Nolan Ross' Housewarming Bash she revealed to everybody that the Graysons were in bankrupt.

When she was on the beach Aiden appeared and we discover that he has been working for Emily all this time. When she was returning home she found Conrad's car set on fire, Father Paul hurt badly and Conrad bleeding and confused. In " Mercy ", Emily saw her plan de-railed when Father Paul died. She saw Daniel bribing the police after he gave him Emily's statement, she retaliated by telling Margaux's assistant about Daniel's DUI for his biography. She told Jack that Conrad killed Father Paul and that he never planned to confess, then they investigated the car and Jack discovered that somebody tamped the breaks of the car.

Daniel and Emily's relationships became tense when Daniel discovered what she had done. In " Control ", Emily sneaked into Conrad's garage to investigate whose trying to kill Conrad but Aiden told her that he would do it. Then Victoria told her that Conrad thought that Jack was behind everything and she went to advise him, as Victoria planned.

When she arrived late at the Launching of the Voulez Daniel got angry and to get him back she had to show him a photo of Amanda's parents that she kept in The Stowaway. In " Dissolution ", she saw her plan collapse in front of her when Conrad announced that he was selling the Manor. So she made the real estate agent believe that the manor was slipping into the sea and changed the manor's file so she canceled the sale.

Aiden told her that Victoria was planning to leave so she told Aiden to reveal to Victoria where her fortune is. She discovered that Jack allied with Conrad to kick out Patrick and she revealed that on August 8th she was planning to frame Victoria for her death and leave for good with Aiden.

In " Resurgence ", Emily found herself in problems when Conrad's PR tried to make it look like Emily and Victoria are getting along, and if she succeeds she could not frame her for her death. So she talked with Nolan and he decided to take her down. So for the plan she told Bizzy that she had been married before and Bizzy told Victoria. In " Secrecy ", Emily has a new enemy, Sara Munello but she doesn't take her down, she broke down in front of her instead.

And it worked as Sara felt guilty for what she was doing. But Emily had anticipated it planned and she and Rohan humiliated Victoria explaining that Emily married him to avoid his deportation. With this they demonstrated to everybody how obsessive Victoria was about destroying the wedding, here we have another motive for framing Victoria. Then after knowing that Daniel was cheating on her Emily told him that she was pregnant.

In " Surrender ", Emily is making the final touches on her plan; she has left gun residue on one of Victoria's bracelets. Now she is planning to reveal to everybody that she is pregnant. She was trying to mentioned it when she was with Victoria but then they discovered Lydia still alive. Lydia pushed Emily and when Daniel helped her up he revealed to Victoria that she was pregnant.

Aiden proposed to her and she accepted, but everything is not as perfect as it seems as Victoria won't attend to the wedding. In " Exodus ", Emily asked Conrad to convince Victoria to attend to the wedding. She said goodbye to Jack but when she told him that she was with Amanda when she died he got angry. Lydia blackmailed her in order to get back her house and she accepted, then she made the last touches to her plan. But more problems arose as Conrad invited Lydia.

Emily VanCamp and Boyfriend Josh Bowman Are Engaged -- Check Out the Ring!

On the yacht Emily spilled her drink on Victoria so she would leave and cleaned up, meanwhile Emily left the cabin and went onto the deck of the yacht. But then Victoria showed up with the photo from the Grayson New Year's Bash and she confessed that she lied to Daniel about the pregnancy.

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Aiden took her away but then Daniel appeared, he heard everything that Emily had said and picked up the gun, thinking she was going to shoot him. Emily tried to apologize but Daniel shot her twice in the abdomen and watched helplessly as she fell into the water and floated away. In " Homecoming ", Emily stowed away on a ship until she was found by Aiden.

'Captain America' actress is engaged to her former 'Revenge' co-star, Joshua Bowman

Emily lost consciousness and woke up in the hospital with amnesia. Aiden was determined to get Emily out of the hospital believing her to be in danger, but Emily freaked when she saw him. Later, she told Charlotte her father's name was David Clarke. Jack visited Emily and gave her the locket Amanda had died getting. Emily's memories then came back and she told Jack that Daniel was the one who shot her. In " Endurance ", Emily decided that she had lost and was trying to leave the Hamptons. But Victoria told her that because of the location of the bullets the doctors had to make a sacrifice to save her life, and she wouldn't be able to conceive.

After that Emily decided to continue her revenge. Emily discovered that her nurse was Takeda's daughter and she told her that Victoria was after a box at Nolan's house, so Emily notified Nolan with a walkie talkie and he changed the infinity box with another. Emily made an announcement to the press saying that Lydia was the shooter to ensure her place at Grayson Manor. Then she broke things off with Aiden after telling him she couldn't have children, Victoria discovers the infinity box but this one reveals Emily's plan to obtain "status" not revenge.

Did Emily VanCamp Marry Her Revenge Co-Star?

In " Hatred ", Emily discovered Sara and Daniel in bed. So she began a war against them. First she told the press that Daniel was with Sara. After Daniel fired all the staff she called Sara's mother to finish their relationship and it worked. Meanwhile Nolan appeared and told her that Aiden was with Niko. She went to the pool to swim but she had a blackout and woke up in Nolan's house.

She had another blackout after Daniel threw her onto her bed, but this time she woke up in Conrad's suite, after apparently sleeping together. In " Payback ", Emily was worried by her blackouts so she went to see the doctor. She discovered that during her last blackout she called Stevie to help her with her divorce, so she had to convince her that she was still in love with Daniel.

After another blackout she woke up in Charlotte's Birthday Party. When she came home she discovered that Niko had kidnapped Aiden so she went to rescue him. She had to fight Niko but he rescued Aiden. Next morning, talking with Nolan she realised that she was experiencing the same that her mother when she tried to drown Emily. In " Struggle ", Emily woke up after another blackout, this time she destroyed the double infinity from her porch.

Scared she decided to kill the Graysons. He used Takeda's methods to stop her blackouts and she remembered that they were caused because of his father as she told him to leave Victoria but he didn't listened to her. Now without blackouts and remembering what she had done during the blackouts, she kissed Aiden. She read again one of her father's diary and discovered that Stevie visited him in prison.

In " Disgrace ", Emily met with Stevie to averiguate her plan with her father but Jack told her to leave her alone. Then at Grayson Manor Daniel told her that she wanted divorce, and she told them that she would say that they forced into incriminating Lydia and that Daniel shot her. Then Stevie came to ask her who she really was, and Emily told her that she was trying to avenge Amanda's death. Nolan brought her evidence from Stevie that her firm was keeping. On the opera opening night she posted her diagnosis online, where it said that she faked her pregnancy, and Victoria acted like she knew nothing to kick her out.

Then she let Jack help her and she showed a letter that Pascal wrote to Conrad talking about David Clarke. In " Addiction ", Emily decided to go after Pascal, as she discovered his letter. But in the letter there was a name that she couldn't figure out, TWM. She went to talk with him but she refused as he didn't want to be involved in a scandal.

She invited him to the Casino Night knowing that he wouldn't be able to resist it. In the party Daniel appeared and she gave him back his credit card. She went to talk to Pascal but Victoria arrived first. Pascal proposed the two to play poker, Victoria let Emily win to knew what was she up to and Emily went to talk with Pascal privatelly. She told him that she knew a lot of Grayson's secrets and discovered that she was recording the meeting for Victoria, so she left. In " Blood ", Emily and Aiden go to England to visit Aiden's mother Harriet so that he can finally be honest with her.

Emily receives an unexpected call from Mason Treadwell, who tells Emily that Victoria came to him to seek information. Emily promises Mason she will free him.

Mason receives cream from Japan which makes the bod mimic death, leading the prison to think he had died. Emily sets Mason up with a new identity and a new home. She later overhears Victoria having a heated discussion with a man name Luke Gilliam. The topic of discussion is her father. It seems Luke was the one who was supposed to take a fall, not David Clarke. Gilliam asks Emily to join him at his award ceremony.

Gilliam has been lying to everyone. She sends MyClone images of Charlotte to Conrad demanding in a disguised voice he confess to framing an innocent man. Charlotte is shown videos to prove that Conrad and Victoria framed David Clarke. They had help with the cover-up that claimed even more lives including Declan and Amanda.

Jack is concerned when he hears from Javier that Charlotte is missing. He tracks down Emily, Aiden and Nolan. Jack is shocked to see what they are doing to Charlotte. Aiden agrees that things are getting out of hand. Charlotte needs something to calm down. Emily agrees to get her a sedative. A detective stops her before she can return. Daniel is behind this. Emily knew that Jack planned on setting Charlotte free, so she had a camera planted on her jacket to see Conrad angrily confess his crimes and threaten Charlotte infront of the world to see, resulting in his downfall.

Emily later visits Conrad in prison and reveals she had done it for David and Amanda, she then hints she is going after Victoria next. In " Execution ", Emily goes to the cabin in the woods where Jack found David Clarke's ring to investigate. She gets into a violent fight with the imposter who tried to get her DNA sample.

Emily realizes that the man in the cabin was working for Victoria, who is onto her. She sends Aiden to visit Michelle Banks. David Clarke is officially declared an innocent man. Nolan tries to comfort his distraught friend by letting her know that he felt broken for most of his life, and that all changed when he met her.

Emily knows Victoria is behind all this. She wants Victoria all to herself.

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  • Emily vows to take care of it herself. She is digging up the grave when Victoria steps out of the shadows. A venomous exchange of words takes place. Later on Victoria awakens next to Emily, who assures her this is for her own good. Proof of this comes in the form of reports offered by her regular therapist, Dr. Victoria screams madly that the woman behind all this is the real Amanda Clarke as the doctor injects her with a sedative. Emily bids farewell to the former Queen of the Hamptons.

    In " Renaissance ", Memorial Day is approaching. Emily assures that this will be nothing more than a party to open the summer season. Nolan is impressed to see Ems resolving conflict without the use of a red Sharpie. Back at the manor, they meet with Dennis and Jennifer, two folks behind an organization known as the South Hampton Yacht Club.

    Emily has helped with fundraising. These two owned a yacht that was involved in an accident with a small fishing boat where a man was killed. Emily notices what appears to be movement inside her old beach house. Emily leaves without noticing the figure hiding in the shadows. On the day of her big Memorial Day party, Emily presents a generous check to the woman whose car she hit.

    Emily calls upon Dennis to christen their new yacht. Remember that concept of no takedowns at the party?

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    Nolan realizes that was a lie. Emily had hoped to make things right for Nancy after she came across her story. However, her plan backfires. Nancy only feels more pain now. Nolan is furious at Emily, who tells him to get out of her house. Emily calls Nolan to explain why she did what she did regarding Nancy. A thirst for revenge has become a part of her. The phone call is cut short when the doorbell rings. Victoria is on the front step vowing revenge. Emily welcomes her back just before closing the door on her. In " Disclosure ", Emily rings up Clairmont hospital to find out how Victoria escaped.

    She then asks Nolan to track Victoria down so she could end it for good. Later on Emily tracks down Charlotte and notices she is about to commit suicide. Emily rushes to try to save Charlotte. She begs to let her explain. Charlotte is too far gone. She steps over the ledge, but is tackled before she can jump by a police officer.

    Jack storms through the roof door. Jack brings Charlotte to Emily's place. The truth finally comes out. She further tells her that she is her sister Amanda Clarke.

    Emily VanCamp enjoys a pool day reunion with Revenge co-stars

    Emily discloses her past to Charlotte. She admits that she once tried to take her own life as well. Emily pulls out the Infinity Box. Emily hopes they will give her the strength to survive. Charlotte is angry that her half-sis chose revenge over her. She smashes the Infinity Box before rushing out. Later on Emily receives a call from Charlotte They meet at the Stowaway.

    Charlotte turns over a notebook with all that she wants to say and ask. In " Ashes ", Emily is rescued by Jack from the burning Stowaway.