Dying light matchmaking not available

Most of the time i get no matches found, but sometimes very rarely i see one is it not possible to join someone further ahead in the story? #2.
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Even ping can yield more results.

Dying Light Co-Op FAQ

Matches you find depend on many factors. It's common thing that NAT settings are ruining Dying Light's matchmaking system, the way it's built there may be hundreds of matches but you'll only see few, sadly. Simply progress further into story and you should start seeing more matches. One thing I recommend, keep on toggling VAC on and off occasionally, because a game may appear with VAC off and you may not see it due to having it on. Also try finding matches from all difficulties, for example if you're seeing no matches on Hard mode, try Normal or Nightmare, most people play on Normal mode from what I see often.

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No Matchmaking In Dying Light?

I'm stuck fighting the Demolisher in the Pit in my campaign and can't kill him. So I jump in another person's game and realize the only gear I have is the gear they gave me to fight in the pit lol.

Last edited by older than dirt ; 21 Jun, This game has a very good co-op system and then you mess up the matchmaking so badly? Well sorry if i were a little harsh, but this is a serious matter for someone like me who wanna keep on playing the game for a while, "Playing the Endgame".

And while not seeing many who talk about it from what i seen people who might have stayed to play with others if it was easier after finishing the game will just move on. Wasn't this the reason why you added legendary levels, nightmare mode..

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To keep people playing for longer, teaming up Even a tiny supported game like Grim Dawn has a full server browser support, you refresh and see all the games, then you filter by your needs and join up and easily find people to play with on exactly what you want instead of having to grind the forums in the hopes of gathering enough people to play with for a specific thing. Just tried the zombie mode but always get disconnect error on Xbox when trying to quick join. Issues I have online is the Co op appears to disconnecting every few seconds and reloading and the same disconnecting.

I noticed playing alone and was hoping it sort itself out but it is still happening for Co op which is frustrating. I also forgot to mention i am playing on the PC but i guess it cant be any other way since i mentioned steam on my first post. Hmm i actually didnt have any connection issues with co-op once i found people to play with.

Dying Light

But the only way i could find people was to "grind" the forums and keep on adding people. I really think this should be a thing you can do via the matchmaking system without leaving the game or "Alt Tabing" out of the game. I always meet many people in games with regular server browsers but this made my life much harder I guess they wont fix any of this now I hate it when i get the feeling of "Well i am done with the game it was fun while it lasted" so early on, i dont think i even reached hours. If you are further along than the host you won't earn experience again from those mission.

Dying Light #1- Unlocking Co-Op

There are three packs of content planned for the season pass. Investigate buildings sealed off in the very first days of the outbreak — with the infected inside.

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Explore ominous corridors of once the most famous restaurant in Harran, and employ both stealth and combat to ransack a zombie-filled loading bay at an abandoned railroad yard. Ultimate Survivor Bundle — Players will receive seven unique in-game items that will bring fighting zombies to a whole new level.

Grab three special outfits and four blueprints for over-the-top weapons to make your survival in the quarantine zone a good bit easier. The Bozak Horde — The final Season Pass drop will deliver a new map and gameplay, playable in either single-player or co-op. Go inside the Harran Stadium, the most famous landmark in the city, and test your combat know-how against relentless hordes of the Infected. Fight increasingly stronger and larger enemy waves as you oppose a mysterious psychopath called Bozak.

While there's no classes, there are detailed skill trees in which players can specialize and help support each other.

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Any story event can only be triggered when all players are present, and while there's no tethering in the world, there is some limitation to how far you can go. Players are marked on the HUD as to their location and their given status needing revive, talking, in menu, etc. Players can issue small challenges while playing, these include who can get the most kills, who can travel a certain path the fastest, and several other mini-games. When a player dies they have 30 seconds to be revived by a co-op player.